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Brochure Design Ideas

Cover design ideas to capture your customer's attention:
  • Design your brochure cover as if it were a pair of double doors. (Fold the paper so that the edges meet in the middle.) This visually invites the person to open your brochure.

  • For a bold look, use reverse print. For a lot of visual impact, use a very dark background with white or very light text.

    For a more subtle form of reverse print, you can go with less contrast. Just make sure that you have enough contrast to make the text readable at a glance.

  • Feature a photo of a famous landmark, a highly recognizable scene from a movie, or something else that's very familiar.

    Use it to make a point, or highlight a product or service benefit. Sometimes, a humorous approach can be very effective.

  • Make an intriguing statement. Have it lead the reader from the cover to the inside of the brochure.

    Place ellipses at the end of the text on the cover to indicate that it's continued on the next page.

  • Give the recipient a reason to keep your brochure when your prospective customer or client looks at the cover. Make them either want to look inside now - the preferable action - or at least keep your brochure for future reference.

    You can be specific, or offer a tantalizing clue. Just make sure that your customer knows that there's something in it for them if they look inside.

    Do you have a coupon code inside? Mention that on the cover! You want your prospect to either look at the brochure now or keep it. If they know it has something they might want - a coupon code for a discount or something else that interests them - you will get some mileage out of your marketing efforts.

    Think in terms of creating value - literally. Make your brochure tantamount to currency. Your customer wouldn't throw away a five dollar bill - or even a dollar bill. If you don't already have a coupon code inside, add one. Besides giving your customer a reason to hang on to your marketing literature, you're also getting a valuable way to track how you're getting sales.
Ideas for the inside of brochure:

Use a photograph, or collage of photographs, as a background design.

This design technique is a good choice if you have quite a bit of both text and photos or other graphics to use. It allows you to include everything without having a crowded look.

Just make sure that you shade the photographs light enough so that they don't overpower the text under which they're placed. If you're using a solid color, you can get away with a deeper tint. The busier the background, the lighter you need to go with the tint.

Use an accent color to emphasize a few words or a small section of text. Don't forget that people have a propensity to scan instead of read marketing literature. If your customer only spends fifteen seconds looking at your brochure, what do you want them to read? Use an accent color for those words.

With smaller amounts of text, you can get away with colors that wouldn't work for a large body of text. Just make sure you can scan it easily. Keep the accent color but don't go too light - unless you're using reverse print with a dark background.
Cheap advertising ideas that give your brochure a million dollar look:

Instead of black ink, use a rich shade of slate, teal or plum. With a color that's deep enough, your text will be easily read.

You can often get your brochure printed in a different ink color for the same price as black.

Most printers schedule their press runs to minimize changing the rollers from one color to another. So, be flexible on the date and the color of ink to save money.
If you're printing in one color, you can use different percentages to give your brochure the look of two or more colors for the price of one.

To get the most from this technique, use a deep shade.

With navy, for instance, you can also have medium and pale blue.

These are three examples of using one ink color to get several different shades:

This is just one way of getting the most mileage out of your marketing dollars.
Design your brochure with a horizontal layout instead of the standard vertical one. This technique can draw more attention to your brochure because it's a bit different.

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