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Unique Brochure Ideas

Looking for a design idea to make your brochure unique?

Try making them scented.

If you sell anything from gourmet muffins to soap, a scented brochure can be a great marketing tool.

Here's an easy "recipe" to give your brochures any scent:

Just place them inside a container with the fragrance of your choice.

You can apply scented oil to a cloth. Another way is to use something that already has the scent such as candles, soap, or potpourri.

Your business doesn't have to be connected to a specific aroma for scented brochures to work for you.

Maybe you sell handmade baby quilts. Give your brochures the scent of baby powder.

Landscape businesses can give their brochures the clean smell of freshly-cut grass.

If you're a caterer who specializes in weddings, you can find candles with the aroma of wedding cake with which to scent your brochures.

Yoga instructors might use a relaxing fragrance such as lavender.

It's a good idea to keep it subtle, though. Too strong a scent of lavender can actually induce drowsiness.
When it comes to memory, smells can literally transport us to another place.

For a travel brochure featuring a Caribbean vacation, a delicate floral or nautical scent can almost make you feel as if you're there.

Better yet, it can make you want to go there.

Here's an idea if you're marketing a travel package to Hawaii:

Use plumeria-scented oil or a candle. Plumeria is the flower used in Hawaiian leis.
Images and fragrances can help reinforce each other.

If the visual focus is a photo of something associated with the Christmas season, for example, you can give your brochures the scent of pine.
Even the paper color you choose can help reinforce your scented marketing message.

For wedding planners or consultants, a pale ivory paper with a linen texture is a good choice.

Then, give your brochures the scent of lilies or another popular wedding flower associated with your paper color.
If you're mailing brochures, scent your envelopes as well.

Here's another tip to help make your brochure unique and attract attention among the rest of the mail your prospect receives:

Hand-address the envelopes. If that isn't feasible because of the size of your mailing, print them using a hand-written style font.

Print directly on the envelope, or use a label that matches and blends into the envelope. Also, stamp each piece individually instead of using a meter.
Scented brochures can translate into effective marketing if you sell:
  • candles
  • soaps
  • gift baskets
  • jewelry
  • cosmetics
  • landscaping
Others that can benefit from this marketing tool:
  • catererers
  • wedding consultants
  • travel agents

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