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Brochures on a Budget

How can you make your advertising budget go the distance?

It's all about marketing mileage.

Here are a few cost-effective suggestions for making your brochures work for your business:

The next time you have brochures printed, consider getting some with an aqueous coating. This water-based finish adds durability, and might be especially useful if you plan to do mailings without an envelope.

If you've assumed that full color brochures were beyond your budget, you might be surprised. Even if you're only printing a few hundred, you should be able to get them for about forty cents each. For several thousand, you can get them for less than ten cents per brochure. (That's full color, both sides.)

Before you order brochures, let your printer know what other services you'll be needing. Do you plan to send out brochures once a month? If so, emphasize that point. Printers, like most businesses, love repeat, steady business. In exchange for the prospect of repeat business, you may be able to negotiate a discounted price.

Do you have a logo that needs to be printed in several custom ink colors? Coordinate your business card and brochure printing. Do the same for everything else that uses your logo such as a newsletter.

Communicate with your printer! Ask him or her how you can cut your printing costs. It could be as simple as substituting a more inexpensive paper for one you've been using.

You might even find a cheaper paper is preferable in other ways. Some expensive ones, for example, have textures that don't always show off text in a crisp, clean manner.

You have many layout choices including bi-fold, tri-fold, and four-page brochures. Always design with your potential customers in mind. Ask yourself: What will entice them to actually open the brochure?

With a bi-fold brochure, designing the cover to resemble a door, is a strategy to consider. Make sure your written copy supports that theme. A reference to "opening the door" could be figurative or literal.

Another way to entice your customers and readers into opening your brochure is to ask a question. That prompts them to look inside for the answer.

Maybe your brochure is designed to promote a new product. Perhaps you're promoting a grand opening. Regardless of its unique purpose, always look for ways to get the most marketing mileage from it.

Think in terms of what will make your brochure stand out. What will make the recipient want to read it? What will make them want to keep it?

It could be entertainment, information, visual, or even monetary value. One idea, if it works with the rest of the brochure, is to make one panel a coupon. Create the coupon with no expiration date, and you've just given your customer a good reason to hang on to your brochure indefinitely.

Even with a bare bones budget, you can still make your marketing dollars go the distance.

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