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Cheap Business Card Ideas

Cheap business cards don't have to look cheap. With a little strategy, you can spend less while getting a lot for your money.

Here are several ideas for getting cheap business cards that attract people to your business:

You can get your cards printed in anything from blue to burgundy for the same price as black ink.

The main cost to a printer isn't one color of ink versus another. It's changing the ink color being used for a press run, which includes cleaning the rollers. It's time-consuming, messy, and uses extra ink.

Let's say that green ink is already in use. There's actually less cost involved for the printer to do another job in green ink rather than to change to another.

For that reason, many printers schedule jobs so that they print with certain colors of inks on certain days. So, be flexible with the day your job is printed. Then, you can often have a wide variety of color choices at no extra charge.

Business cards printed with one color of ink might not be as colorful as you want.

Here's how to make that one color appear to be two, three, four, or even more colors:

Start with a shade that's medium or deep in color intensity. Then, use different tints of that same color.

For the price of a single ink color, you can get anything from navy to pale blue - or deep burgundy to pale pink.

Looking for something to turn cheap business cards into unique ones? Scented business cards are cheap because you can do it yourself.

Here's how along with more tips and ideas for Scented Business Cards.

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