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Creative Marketing Ideas

Always think in terms of benefits to your customer. Above all, know who your customers are. The more you know about them, the easier it is to anticipate what might appeal to them.

Does your customer think green? A growing, no pun intended, number of consumers do. In fact, green is the new black.

What do you, or could you, offer that would appeal to your customers? How about the way you market? If your customers are frequently online, go where they are.

Expand your website. Offer an e-book. Host a webinar. Partner with complementary businesses for an online scavenger hunt to create some buzz for your business.

Consumers are always looking for value. In this climate, it's often the deciding factor. If you haven't used coupon codes as a marketing tool, now is the time to start.

It's a win for both of you. Your customer saves money. You have invaluable tracking information. That saves you money and time.
Do you still think of business cards as only a place to list your contact information?

Here are a few ideas to help you brainstorm ways to use one of your most cost-effective and versatile marketing tools:
Creative Ideas for Business Cards

Sometimes differentiating yourself among the competition is deceptively simple. If your business involves processing orders, as most do, consistent accuracy is one of the best ways.

Consumers are people, and people don't like hassles. A seamless, headache-free order process can do wonders to help you gain and maintain long-term, loyal customers. Those would be the customers who refer others to you. And those, in turn, recommend you to even more customers. You get the idea...

Speaking of ideas, do you listen to those your customers give you? They can be a goldmine resource for new products, services, and improvements in your business.

Feedback forms, online or offline, are one way to find out what your customers are thinking. If your marketing is on the proverbial shoestring budget, there are lots of ways to collect this invaluable data without spending a fortune. Sometimes, it costs no more than a few cents.

When you send an order, include a request for feedback. Make it easy and simple to respond. Directing them to your website where they can fill out an online form is one way to keep it simple - and cheap.

And speaking of cheap...

Email support and marketing is one way to keep in touch with your customer. Follow up to make sure there were no problems with their order, send them your newsletter, and offer them special deals through your site. It only takes minutes and a few mouse clicks. And did I mention it's cheap?
If you're looking for Christmas gifts to your clients, might give you some ideas. Many of those choices are for twenty dollars and less such as custom gourmet gift baskets, personalized wine bottle boxes, staple-free staplers, and a mini file cabinet that holds business cards.

Handwritten notes on Christmas cards may be one of the most impressive gifts your clients or customers receive this holiday season. Imprinted logos and imprinted messages do little more than remind the recipient of your business.

Give them a reason to remain your customer - and to refer others to you. A handwritten, sincere message of appreciation is one of the best customer relationship builders you'll ever find.
Looking for some holiday marketing inspiration?

Here are a few cost-effective ideas and strategies (and some that cost you nothing but a small amount of time) that are likely to keep bringing you business long after the last gift is unwrapped:
Holiday Marketing for the Christmas Season

If you want to start a website but aren't sure where to start, read this new post on Create Your Market. It's about how thinking small can be a big advantage:
Choosing a Niche for Your Website

If you're wondering how to make your marketing dollars spent on brochures go the distance, read this new post on Create Your Market:
Brochure Ideas

The emphasis is on brochures, but you'll find plenty of ideas and ways of thinking to get maximum exposure for your business.
When it comes to marketing, thinking outside the box can make all the difference.

For instance, why do business cards always have to be 3 1/2 x 2? Well, they don't.

They can be square. Or they can be triangular. Circular is another possibility. So, how can you incorporate your unique offerings into the shape of your card?

A few ideas to help you brainstorm:

Circular business cards have possibilities whether you sell donuts or DVDs. A business card that looks like a donut? Or a DVD? It's definitely out of the ordinary which is all the more reason to consider it.

Another strategy is to use the shape as part of your marketing message.

For example: Are you going around in circles? The text would, of course, follow the path of the circle. You've also just asked a question, an intriguing one at that. That's yet another way of grabbing someone's attention.

Marketing is not about blending in. It's about making a memorable impression. That's one of the best ways to get the most marketing mileage out of business cards or any other tool.

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