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How to Define Niche Marketing

One way to define niche marketing is to look at how it differs from mass marketing.

Mass marketing is about selling to everyone, i.e. the masses. Niche marketing focuses on a specific segment of consumers.

A niche can be defined by a consumer's age, gender, ethnic background, occupation, hobbies, and other interests.

Even problems can be a defining characteristic.

A niche can also be created by a need, a want, or a preference.

It can be anything from being wild about the color green to wanting a water slide in their backyard.

Some niches are defined more broadly than others.

Teenagers and home-based entrepreneurs are two examples of broadly-defined niches.

When marketing to a relatively broad niche even by a single characteristic, you still specify both who is, and who is not, included in your market.

That means you can tailor everything from product features to advertising media to that specific market.

A single product can be effectively marketed to different niches.

The key is to direct a different marketing strategy toward each one, emphasizing the features and the benefits that appeal to that particular segment.

In many cases, the same product features might be marketable to several niches. Even so, it's important to target each niche with a message to which they can specifically relate.

Each niche, by definition, has its own special place in the market.

Home-based entrepreneurs, pet owners, computer users, chocolate lovers and gardeners are all separate niches. Some consumers might belong to several of those niches.

Once you define a niche, you are likely to find many other niches within it.

Pet owners, for instance, include dog, cat, and exotic bird owners - and that's just to name a few.

Even within each of those sub-niches, there are many others. Dog owners, for example, can be "niche-ified" by the size or the breed of their pet.

Even a small niche can be very profitable. That's the beauty of the concept.

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