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Use your recipient's name in the subject of the email. Everyone loves hearing, and reading, their own name. In any form of marketing, email or otherwise, personalizing communications is an effective strategy.

You can extend the personalization to the content of your email. Don't overdo it, though. (Many email marketers do.) Depending on the length of the email, two or three times is probably sufficient.

When it comes to advertising and marketing, repetition is critical. That's especially true with email marketing.

Life happens and people get busy. Sometimes they don't even have time to open all of their mail, much less read it.

When they do, it may not always strike the necessary chord to make them want to buy. Even some of your most loyal customers may be hesitant to respond at a given time.

They may not be in the mood to buy. Cash flow might be an obstacle that week, or that month. Or maybe they need to hear more about a specific product before they feel comfortable enough to buy.

Keep them coming back to your website. Continue to promote your business in your newsletter.

Maybe it's their fifth exposure to your business, and they still haven't made a purchase. They may be ready to buy on the sixth.
Before including anyone in your email marketing campaign, make absolutely sure they want to be included.

Unsolicitated commercial email can mean not only death to your campaign, but also to your business.

Even with an opt-in mailing list, it's a good idea to remind them at least with the first email. People sign up for newsletters or request information, and then forget all about it.

If your subject line includes something like "Here's the information you requested" or "Thank you for your interest", that reminds recipients that they invited you into their mailbox.

This has a second benefit for email marketing. When someone signs up for a mailing list, newsletter or asks for information, they do so because of their interest at that moment in time. Time passes, and interest fades, even if it's just a few hours later.

By reminding them of their initial interest, you can set the stage to re-create it.

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