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Event Planner: Work from Home Strategies

Think big by thinking small. One way to start your business as an event planner is by planning birthday parties for children.

Many working parents are lucky if they have time to pick up the dry cleaning, much less attend to all the details of planning a party. Two-income families, with more money than free time, are a ready market for your services.

From ice cream to invitations, it takes not only time and energy, but also organization. If you have all three, you're in business.

Birthday options are only one option. Anniversary celebrations, weddings, corporate events, ribbon-cutting ceremonies, receptions of every kind - any event must be planned.

If you have the skills, all you need are the contacts and resources.

Start by getting referrals from everyone you know. Ask your friends to ask their friends for referrals.

Don't leave home without several business cards. Give them to your banking officer, your insurance agent, anyone with whom you come in contact personally or professionally.

If you specialize in a certain type of event, use a related background photo or image on your business card. Make the words "event planner", "event planning specialist", or something similar very prominent on the card. Using an accent color only for those words is effective. (A shade of red makes a great accent.)

Create a win-win situation for yourself by promoting your business as you plan it. As an event planner, you will need everything from lobsters to limousines.

Make a list with broad categories - food, music, other entertainment, equipment and locations where events can be held. Then, for each category, begin a list of vendors.

For resources, use local and regional telephone directories. Online directories and websites are another source.

As you contact each potential vendor, you will be promoting your new business and preparing for clients at the same time.

Get free publicity and establish your credibility as an event planner by volunteering your service on a limited basis to a non-profit organization.

Plan a reception or a silent auction. When you make the event a success, you will have a great start toward making your business a success as well.

As an event planner, you may choose to specialize in one event, or several related events:
  • trade shows
  • bridal expos
  • health fairs
  • fundraisers
  • fashion shows
  • auctions
  • book signings
  • grand openings
  • corporate holiday events
  • business expos
  • open houses
  • weddings
  • receptions
  • birthday parties
  • seminars
  • concerts
  • pageants
  • festivals
  • parades
  • art exhibitions
  • conventions
  • workshops
  • competitions
  • club meetings
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