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Learning HTML: How to Create Links

This is one of the easiest parts of HTML, and one of the most important. If a link for a page is not created, or not done correctly, your visitor has no way to find your page.

Every page on your website links from your main, or index page. This is true whether your website has two pages, or two hundred. A link can take you directly to that page, or to another page with a link to it.

Here's how to create a link from your main page to another page on your website:

< a href="yourpagename.html">Write descriptive link text here< /a>

To copy and paste the code above, remove the space at the beginning of each tag. It's only there to prevent the tag from being read as HTML; otherwise, nothing inside the tag would show up on the page.

All of your website files should be contained within the same folder. Otherwise, you will need to specify the directory path. So, make it easy on yourself and keep them all in one folder.

Like most HTML tags, the link tags have opening and closing ones. The only text that appears on the page is the text between the tags. That text can be anything you want, and any length you want.

A link can also be placed anywhere on the page. You can have a row of links, place them vertically, inside a section of text, at the end of an article, etc.

You can have any number of links to the same page. Links should be created to make it as easy as possible for your visitors to find what they're looking for. If they have to hunt for information, they will probably just try to find it somewhere else.

To create a link to another website, you will need to include the entire address.

< a href="">
Create Your Market< /a>

(Reminder: The spaces immediately following the opening and the closing tags should be removed.)

Before publishing your website, make sure you test every single link.

If you link to other websites, you will also need to monitor those links frequently to make sure they're still valid.

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