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Business cards can double as gift certificates or coupons. Use them for testimonials or to introduce a new product
. . . read more

Circular business cards have possibilities whether you sell donuts or DVDs . . . read more

Business Ideas: Brainstorming Guide

If you're still in the planning or dreaming stage of starting a home-based business, check out this brainstorming guide for discovering niches in the market.

Whether you're contemplating building a website or writing a book, it's full of ideas that will give you ideas on using a talent, an area of your education, or maybe just a dream you've always wanted to turn into your own business.

Go find your niche in the market: Discovering Niches

Take a look at Startup Ideas for Home-Based Businesses for ideas and strategies to help you create your market.

Marketing Ideas: Creativity on a Budget

Many marketing ideas cost you nothing but some time and imagination. has been online since February 2004 helping home-based entrepreneurs and anyone else who wants the most marketing mileage from their advertising budget: Promote Your Home-Based Business

One of the best ways to get the most for your marketing mileage is to do it yourself. This page is a mini-tutorial on how to make scented business cards.

Marketing is all about communicating with your customer. Color can play a large role. Read about how to use an accent color to connect the dots of your marketing message: Marketing in Color

HTML Colors and Your Website

The HTML color palette gives you the potential for a mind-boggling 16 million-plus colors for your website. Not surprisingly, there are no complete versions available on the web. Even the most extensive palettes can be very time-consuming to peruse. And you might not find what you're looking for.

If you understand the basics of HTML colors, it's easier to use a palette that covers the color spectrum and adjust any tint to your preference.

Website color codes have six digits and are based on the hexadecimal system. (I'll explain that in a minute.) The first two digits control the amount of red in the color. The middle two determine green; the last two are for blue. Let's say that you find a color with the code 7700FF. The "77" is red, the "00" is green, and the "FF" is blue.

So, how do those hexadecimal color codes translate into normal-speak? Hexadecimal numbers are base sixteen, i.e. base ten - like our numerical system - plus six more. Those six additional "numbers" are the letters A, B, D, D, E, and F.

If you're counting using the hexadecimal system used for websites, it's exactly how you usually count - up to a point. Starting from zero, it's 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9...but instead of ten following 9, it's A, B, D, E, and F.

That means:
  • 10=16
  • 20=32
  • 30=48
  • 40=64
  • 50=80
See the pattern? For every "10", it's actually 16.

Learn how to read hexadecimal colors on this page: Website Colors: How to Understand Hexadecimal Codes

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I'm Nancy Richardson, publisher
of Create Your Market since 2004.
I created this website to help people
start and grow their home-based businesses.

If someone who scans your brochure only reads the words that are highlighted, will it convey the bare bones of what you want to communicate to your customer? . . . read more

Establish immediacy. Offer your customer a discount on a complementary product if they make the purchase within a certain time period . . . read more

Mail lightweight, promotional items with invoices to thank customers for their business. In many cases, it won't cost you another cent in postage . . . read more

Vertical designs can give your card an even more distinctive look since most business cards have a wide orientation . . . read more
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