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Use Information to Market Your Business

You can establish yourself as an expert in your field by giving consumers the information they need to make buying decisions.

Even when they don't have an immediate need for what your business offers, you can brand yourself as the one they should contact when they do.

Put yourself in the consumer's position. What information would you find useful, even necessary, before making the decision to buy?

This could include information not only about a product, but also customer service, technical support, even about the company itself.

Don't just be prepared to give this information when asked. Offer it enthusiastically. This can be done verbally, in some cases.

Packaged as an informational product, though, it does more than build trust with your immediate market. It also serves as a marketing tool that might find its way into the hands of other interested consumers.

Whatever the form, informational marketing is highly effective within almost any market.

Consumers are more cynical than in the past, and often do not respond well to being "sold" something.

By giving them the information they need, you are making them a partner in the sales process, not an unwilling participant. So, when they make the decision to buy, you have satisfied customers.

Developing these long-term relationships pays dividends again and again. In addition to their business, you benefit from those customers who they refer to you. This is advertising you can't buy. This is the power of referral marketing.

Informational marketing works because people don't buy products and services. They buy benefits and solutions.

When you effectively communicate these to the consumer, you create a market for your business.

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