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Promote Your Website Using Internal Links

Linking to pages within your site, internal linking, is one of the best ways to promote your site as a whole.

It's also an excellent method of increasing page rank of individual pages. That can make a key difference to your search engine ranking since most of your traffic potential comes from pages other than your main, or index, page.

The larger your site, the more you stand to gain from focusing more on internal links.

Linking to internal pages help both search engines and visitors find more of your site's content.

There's not much a search engine loves more than a large site with new pages added frequently. That's why it's crucial to make sure they discover all of them.

No matter how well you optimize any page for a keyword phrase, it won't matter if the search engine doesn't index it. For that to happen, it has to find the page.

To get a new page spidered, try placing internal links on pages that receive a fair amount of traffic and have content related to the new page.

One of the best places for links is within the body of an article. Related links at the end of an article can also give good results.

Experiment with placement and use your site logs to determine what works best for specific pages.

Choose your anchor text to reflect the main keywords for the page you're linking to. (Anchor text is what appears in the link itself.) A link that only reads "click here" won't help your visitor or a search engine spider.

Use internal links to group related pages. This is especially important if you have a large site with several specific sub-topics.

By linking together the pages within each topic, search engines can better understand how each page's content is relevant to others on your site. That's a key factor in achieving a good ranking for any keyword phrase.

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