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The Difference Between Marketing
and Advertising

Say the word "marketing" and most people think of advertising. However, there's more to marketing than just advertising.

Marketing can be thought of as everything that business does that reaches or affects the consumer. It can impact the consumer's perceptions of a specific product, or the business as a whole.

Marketing is a mix of elements sometimes referred to as "The Four P's". These elements are product, price, promotion, and place.

The product component of marketing, like the others, is all about the consumer. It has to be something for which there is demand, or for which you can create a market.

The benefits of the product are critical because that's what people buy. Consumers don't buy Product A - they buy the benefits they derive from the product.

The price of a product is an often neglected element of the marketing mix. There's more to pricing a product than being competitive.

A price that's too low can create a negative image of the quality of your product in the consumer's mind. That perception may be projected upon your other products as well.

Promotion is a broad term including any activity designed to draw attention to your company or any of its products.

Some examples of promotion are advertising, press releases, sponsored events, and in-store demonstrations.

The element of place in the marketing mix involves the distribution channel that delivers your product to the location(s) where it can be purchased by your customers.

Every element of the marketing mix is critical to the success of your business, and all elements should work together.

Consider every strategy with consumers in mind. They are, after all, what the marketing mix is all about.

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