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Promote Your Business Using Indirect Benefits

An effective way to increase your profits, both in the short term and the long term, is to create a need.

Explain the features of your products or services, but don't stop there.

Create a very clear picture in the mind of the consumer of the benefits they will receive.

The benefits might be obvious in some cases, but when they aren't as apparent, you have the opportunity to create a whole new market.

Some benefits are direct; others are indirect.

For example, a cleaning product or device does just that - it cleans. That is its direct benefit.

However, it may also relieve the indoor environment of pollutants that cause allergies and other health problems. That is an indirect benefit.

Some consumers will be aware of an indirect benefit, or benefits, of a product. Others won't be.

It's always best to explain rather than to assume. What may seem obvious to you, an expert in your field, may be new information to many.

Also, indirect benefits, even those a consumer is aware of, are not always immediately associated with a product or service.

When this happens, the information you provide reinforces these benefits to the consumer. You also establish yourself as an expert in your field and that alone will help grow your business.

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