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Promotional Marketing Tips and Ideas

Advertising specialty products can be used to reward customer loyalty, attract new customers, and promote new products.

Branding and trade show giveaways are other ways to use these marketing tools.

Custom designed promotional items can display your name, logo, phone number, slogan, website URL, and even product information.

Think about where your customer will be, and what they will be doing, when they use the item. That will help you choose the most effective product to promote your business.

If you want people to visit your website, a mousepad is a cheap solution. A coffee mug is another one.

Do you want your customer to think about your business when they're in the car? If so, a keychain is a very inexpensive option.

Promotional refrigerator magnets are popular - and for good reason. People tend to keep them indefinitely. They're also visible as opposed to some items that might be tossed in a drawer.

Calendar magnets are a good choice since they invite you to keep them around for an entire year.

Getting noticed and effective marketing go together! Try balloons. They attract attention, and they're one of the most inexpensive advertising specialties on the market.

When someone asks, "Who sent you the balloons?", your marketing mesage goes even further.

Mail lightweight, promotional items with invoices to thank customers for their business. (Or send them with other mailing you're already doing.) In many cases, it won't cost you another cent in postage.

Notepads are a great way to promote your business. They're cheap. They're useful to your customer, and are rarely unused. Even better, each sheet of paper is a potential marketing tool that may be passed along to others.

Pens are inexpensive, and are almost guaranteed to get passed along to others. Give two or three to each customer. Ask them to pass them along.

Promotional items are an excellent way to encourage referral marketing. When you're giving a customer something, it's a perfect time to ask them to refer others to your business.

A t-shirt or a tote bag will make them a walking advertisement. Getting those new customers just got even easier!
Have some promotional items imprinted with your website URL only.

Without any other text to compete with it, it will stand out that much more. Also, a lone URL will be intriguing - especially if your domain name is.
If your domain name is a string of several words, try capitalizing each. This helps it register with people who only glance at it.

If you have your items imprinted in more than one color, use a different color for each word in your website's name.

You can do basically the same thing even with only one color. A second shade can be created from a lighter tint of the other one.

Use a color that's dark enough, and you can get several variations that are distinctly different enough to be effective.

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