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Promotional Refrigerator Magnets

There aren't a lot of marketing tools that can work for you as long as promotional refrigerator magnets. Once they make it to the refrigerator, they tend to stay there for years.

These specialty items stand a good chance of being used, even if only to help display school pictures, a young family member's artwork, a newspaper clipping, etc.

Few things are used by a person as often as a refrigerator. The potential exposure for your business is tremendous.

Here are a few ideas and strategies that can help you make the most of customized refrigerator magnets as a marketing tool for your business:

Make your promotional magnet visually stand out from the others on a crowded refrigerator door. Choose an unusual shape, a brilliant color, or both.

You could even make your magnets neon for some extra "marketing mileage" when the lights are out. It's also a good way to stand out on a crowded refrigerator.

Give it value. Have a coupon code imprinted on the magnet. You could even turn it into a gift certificate. For another option, go with the look of play money.

If your market is primarily local, have information imprinted that is of interest to those in your community.

This could be a calendar of events, school or sports schedule, or even a list of useful phone numbers with yours featured most prominently.

The drawback to this method is that your magnet will have outdated information within a year. Still, it's an advertising strategy that works for many businesses when your target market is local.

Most people have a phone near the refrigerator. Capitalize on the visual power of suggestion by prominently displaying your phone number with an incentive to call.

If you take orders by phone, a refrigerator magnet can be an especially valuable marketing tool.

Use it to talk to your customer. Instead of just imprinting your phone number, specifically ask your customer to call.

Be persuasive. Give them a reason to call.

For example:

"Call now and start saving money."

"Call now for your free samples."

One way to give your magnet value is to have it imprinted with useful information. If the content is related to your business, that's even better.

Product information is one example. Another tie-in might be helpful tips or even a mini-tutorial related to your products or services.

Promotional refrigerator magnets can make your marketing dollars go a long way. Even with relatively small quantities, you can get several magnets for about one dollar.

Companies that specialize in promotional items offer a wide variety of shapes from hearts to houses.

With a little creativity, you can make your magnet specific to your business.

For example, a plain circular magnet can be turned into a clock or a watch. A rectangular magnet can become a cell phone.

No matter what else you include on the magnet, make sure your business gets noticed.

One way to do this is to make your business name, phone number and website URL an accent color just as you might choose to do for a brochure.

These magnets are marketing tools that can keep working for your business for years to come.

That's one reason to hand them out along with your business card. In some cases, they're a good alternative to handing out your card. You can even have them made with the same dimensions as a standard business card (3 1/2 x 2).

That doesn't mean you have to go with the standard, though. One important aspect of marketing is getting noticed.

If your unusually-shaped promotional magnet helps get you noticed, more power to it - and to your business.

It's all about differentiating yourself from others. Promotional refrigerator magnets are just one more way of doing so. Sometimes it's a matter of thinking outside the box - or, in this case, the icebox.

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