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Startup Ideas for Home-Based Businesses

Turn a talent or a skill into a home-based business.
Create a product, a service, or teach others.
  • Spanish tutor
  • handmade jewelry
  • antique restoration
  • model ship building
  • monogrammed baby blankets
  • embroidered clothing
  • custom birdhouses
  • kite-making
  • pet grooming
  • calligraphy
  • genealogy research
  • computer repair or maintenance
  • landscaping
  • catering
  • art instruction
  • scrapbooking
  • music lessons - vocal, piano, or other instrument

Fan club business - Celebrities in every genre have loyal followings. That can mean a built-in market for you.

Sell club memberships and memorabilia. Communicate with members, and gain new ones, using websites, blogs, and newsletters.

Business writing - Create written material for newsletters, brochures, websites, grant proposals, sales letters, speeches, manuals, and more. Even one or two steady clients can mean a steady income.

Create theme-oriented gift baskets - Holidays, special events, favorite colors, and hobbies are just a few of the many niches to which you can cater.

Designer teddy bears - Add ribbons, a hat, flowers, beads, even clothing. If you have a creative flair, you can make a beautiful bear at a handsome profit.

Collection service - Many customers are slow in paying. Others don't pay at all. You can contract with small businesses to collect past due accounts. Earn your fee through a percentage of the money you collect.

Website publishing - Share your knowledge, your research, and your opinions on a topic. It can be anything from chocolate recipes to astronomy.

To generate revenue, sell ads, sell products for others, or develop your own.

Products don't have to be physical - they can be digital. Write an e-book on a specialized topic related to your site.
Concentrate on a specific segment of the market and focus on that niche. For example, make and sell jewelry for the teen market.

Teenagers aren't the only ones who will be interested in what you have to sell. So will their parents and other relatives who have no idea what to get them for a gift. You can show them!

For more on niche business ideas:
Define Niche Marketing          Finding Niches

Do you have artistic talent? Paint murals for children's rooms.

Expectant parents are an especially good potential market for your service.

You'll need photos or other samples of your artistic ability to show to prospects.

For your business cards, have a tinted image of your artwork in the background. Print the back of the card with another example of your work.
There's always a market for unique, handmade items. Transform plain (and cheap to buy) wooden frames into eye-catching, one-of-a-kind pieces. All you need is paint, rhinestones, and some creativity.

You can also start with plain wooden boxes that can be used for jewelry, keepsakes, or anything else.
Calligraphy - Wedding invitations alone represent a huge market. Get started quickly by offering your services through a gift shop with bridal registries. It's to their advantage, too, since it adds to what their business offers.

Other sources of customer referrals include complementary businesses such as photographers, florists, caterers, musicians, limousine services, and wedding planners.

Computer tutor - Millions of people with computers don't have the skills to make full use of them. Give instruction on anything from scanning photographs to paying bills online.

Teach others how to use email, navigate the web, and participate on message boards.
Capitalize on a trend such as ballroom dancing. Find someone who knows how and create a videotape or DVD that teaches others.

Pay your expert for his or her time, or agree to a percentage of the sales.
Sell merchandise on eBay - Find items at yard sales, auctions, and closeouts. You can even buy items on eBay, or other online auctions, to sell on eBay.

Something that's worthless to one person may be valuable to others. Old magazines and pottery are just two examples. Even old buttons can be of great interest to handmade jewelry designers.

Your own inventory, from your dresser drawers to your attic, can be a great place to start.

Sell for others - To sell on eBay, you need more than just the merchandise. You need computer skills and a digital camera, as well as the time and initiative to do it.

Anyone who doesn't have all of the above is a potential customer. Offer your service in exchange for a commission, flat fee, or a combination fee and commission.

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