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Testimonials from Customers

Testimonials from clients or customers can be one of your most powerful marketing tools.

You might not think of a compliment to your business that you receive on the phone as a testimonial. It is, though. That's true with any positive feedback about your business.

In fact, customer feedback surveys can be a great source for testimonials. Many businesses view them more as a tool to find out how they can improve their business. They can also show you what you're doing right.

Here's another way to get testimonials that is also a way to build relationships with customers:

Send hand-written notes to thank those who have given you repeat business or have referred others to you. These customers are the most apt to give you the most glowing testimonials.

Make it as easy as possible for them to respond. An email address, your toll-free number, and a pre-addressed, postage-paid card will give them their choice of convenient options.

Customers who repeatedly purchase a specific product are also likely sources for very positive feedback for that particular item.

Before you use a testimonial, make sure you have your customer's permission. Some may not want their name used for privacy reasons.

A customer who doesn't want their full name used might allow a first name and a last initial. If they're not identified by their full name, they might be fine with having their city and town included.

Anonymous testimonials are not as effective, but they can still be of value as a marketing tool.

If you sell business-to-business (B2B), you may find these to be the easiest to get.

When their company name and website are published, it's a good exposure for their business. That's good for you, too. The more identifying information given about your customer, the more credibility their comments are usually given.

Once you start to gather testimonials, add them to your website in as prominent a location as possible. Don't limit them to your home page.

For particularly strong ones, try placing some in larger text "above the fold" since many people don't scroll down on pages.
For offline marketing, you can use testimonials in brochures, newsletters, and trade show displays.

You can even use them on imprinted promotional items such as mousepads. Another idea is to have several of them imprinted on notepads. (Use a light tint so that the notepads are still usable, but dark enough where the testimonials can still be read.)

Have one of your strongest testimonials imprinted on the back of a business card.

For testimonials related to specific products, have them printed on cards and enclose them with orders along with a sample or coupon of the product.

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