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Unique Business Cards: Ideas and Tips

Most business cards are printed on uncoated paper. Make yours different with a coated stock in a metallic or fluorescent color.
Typefaces with a handwritten appearance give your card a very individual look. They can even be custom-made from a handwriting sample for something really unique.

With handwritten fonts, larger fonts work best. Your business name and slogan are good choices for these typefaces. They also help accent the copy you want to highlight on your card.

Foil stamping gives your card an expensive look. It's available in both matte and shiny finishes. Use the foil stamping as you would an accent color.

One way to make your card a magnet for business is to make your business card a magnet. Because magnets get used, most commonly on refrigerators, you can get a lot of exposure to your business.
Another way to make your card unique is to make it useful or valuable.

Make one side a gift certificate or a coupon.
For one that's guaranteed to be unique, a custom die cut business card can really get people's attention.

With custom die cuts, there's usually a one-time fee because that die can only be used for your cards each time they're printed.

A cheaper alternative is to have your cards made from a die the printer already has.

Many printers' websites show examples of die cuts that are available in a variety of categories.

With so many printing companies now online, both prices and services are very competitive.

In some cases, you can have a die cut custom made without the extra fee. If it's a die the printer can use again, there may be no extra cost for creating it.
A tri-fold business card gives you three times the space.

Unfolded, you have 3 1/2 x 6 inches with which to work.

When folded, it becomes a standard size 3 1/2 x 2 card.

A tri-fold business card can become a mini-brochure. It's a great option when you need more space than a standard card allows.
Scented business cards can give you a marketing advantage.
In terms of memory, sense of smell is stronger than sense of sight.

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