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Valentine's Day Promotional Pearls of Wisdom

You don't sell anything related to Valentine's Day? Maybe you do. Think outside the box of candy. Or box of jewelry. Or vase of roses.

Books and CDs last longer than chocolate or flowers. So do purses, windchimes, journals, scrapbooks, framed photographs, or handcrafted pottery.

A thoughtful gift isn't necessarily the most conventional one. Present your merchandise in that light.

A gift that reflects someone's favorite hobby can be a greater expression of thoughtfulness than the standard flowers or candy.

Anything from piano sheet music to a gift certificate from an arts and craft shop is the perfect Valentine's Day gift for someone.

Even in this economy, many of your customers (and potential ones) still perceive time as a more valuable commodity than money.

Something as simple as gift-wrapping can make the difference especially for someone who may be shopping on his or her lunch hour.

Make it easy to find the right gift for the right person. It doesn't matter if you sell via catalog, website, or kiosk in a mall. Have individual areas for the music lover, for example, or for those who love to read. How about those who love the color pink? Pet lovers are another popular niche.

More Valentine's Day Marketing Gems . . .

Bring your product to your customer. That marketing strategy goes beyond physically going to where your customer is. It's also about connecting the dots.

Make sure your customer knows you're the place to go to for Valentine's Day gifts. That begins with making sure they know you know it's Valentine's Day. Don't assume and leave nothing to chance.

For online sellers, that can be as simple as changing the background color of your pages to a hearts and flowers shade of pink and adding Valentine's Day artwork or a photograph to your site. (Prominent but not too in your face strikes a good balance.)

Valentine's Day isn't just for significant others. Promoting according to that concept can translate into a much larger market. The same person that might be remembered during the Christmas season is potentially a gift recipient on Valentine's Day.

Make it easy to find not only a Valentine's Day gift, but the perfect gift. Remember that buying is an emotional decision - even when it's not Valentine's Day.

Presentation is everything...especially in the giving of gifts. When wrapping gifts, attach a miniature bouquet of silk flowers in lieu of a bow. Individual touches like this can set apart your business and pay dividends long past Valentine's Day.

Sell the presentation of the gift as well as the gift itself. For the gift-giver, anticipating the reaction of the recipient begins there.

Make the buying experience a positive one. That's one of the best routes to repeat business and referrals.

Sights, sounds, aromas, customer service, and gift-wrapping are all about attention to detail. And that attention to detail can turn a window shopper into a loyal customer.

One last thing: Don't forget the obvious...

Wish your customer a Happy Valentine's Day. (Free marketing tool!)

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