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Viral Marketing and Email

There's no question about it. Viral marketing and email are a match made in cyberspace.

With a single click, anyone can send your message to hundreds, sometimes even thousands, who may continue to pass it along.

Viral marketing isn't merely an online phenomenon. However, the internet makes it possible to spread a message, or create a buzz, faster and cheaper than any other medium.

Here's an example of how viral marketing can spread your marketing message through email:

Someone receives an email that offers something of value for him or her. Maybe it has valuable information - maybe it entertains them. Sometimes it may even do both.

So, they forward it to a couple of email groups to which they belong. Those receiving that email, who also find it of value, then forward it to even more email groups. Imagine this process repeating itself several more times.

So, how can you realize the enormous potential of viral marketing for your business using email?

"Free" is hard to resist.

Computer tips, money-saving strategies, and product reviews are just a few example of free information that you can send your customers in an email.

You can also link from your email to free downloads from your website, or contest entry forms. This can benefit you in two ways:

First, it adds value to your message and makes it more likely to be passed along to others.

Secondly, it gets them to your website where they can be exposed to other products and services that you offer.

Make it worth passing along. Make it easy to pass along. That's what viral marketing is all about.

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