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Looking for a Website Niche

Reading online forums, I'm struck by how pessimistic so many are about starting a new website. All the best ideas are taken. Someone's already done it.

With some creativity and positivity, it's more than possible to make a cyber-name for yourself or your business. The fact that there are billions of webpages already out there shouldn't dissuade you. If you think there's competition now, imagine what it might be like even a couple of years from now. That may be the most compelling reason to start now.

So, exactly where do you start?

Start with what you know. What is your educational background, your work experience? What are you hobbies, your opinions, your advice?

Your unique set of skills and experience may fall under a broad umbrella. That might be pets, music, photography, or any number of things. Once upon a time on the web, those areas weren't too broad to tackle. Now, however, it's to your benefit to think more specialized.

Instead of a general photography site, for example, think about one that's exclusively about photographs of Persian cats.

To get a rough idea of the difference in competing websites, trying doing a search. Do one for "photography", and another for "photography persian cats". (Omit the quotation marks.)

As of the date of this post, there are almost a thousand times more competing websites for photography in general as opposed to photography and Persian cats specifically.

That's only one example, but one that speaks to the benefits of concentrating on a niche.

There are other ways to think of niches beyond the tangible people, places, and things.

Each person is unique, and you have your own voice. Many a blogger has made a name for himself, or herself, simply by being who they are. Your experiences, opinions, and other thoughts can give your website its unique voice.

If you're unique, there really isn't a website that can compete with you.

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