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Wedding Consultant: Work from Home Strategies

A day in the life of a wedding consultant is not always a piece of cake, but it can be lucrative.

If you are people-oriented, detail-oriented and organized, a wedding consulting business could be a perfect match for your talents.

Training and certification aren't requirements, but can make a big difference in how you are perceived by your prospective clients.

Weddings are big business - over $50 billion annually. Over two million couples spend an average of $25,000 to say "I do" each year in the United States every year.

With many wedding consultants charging a 10 percent fee based on the total cost of the wedding, your time and expertise can be handsomely rewarded.

Market yourself by creating your own word-of-mouth advertising campaign. Go through your address books - snail mail and email.

Let everyone know about your new business and ask for referrals. Contact every business with a bridal registry in your area.

You don't have to wait until you have your first client to start talking to photographers, florists and other prospective vendors. They can be a major source for referrals.

As you're gathering the information you'll need for your clients, you'll be promoting yourself as a wedding consultant.

Market yourself by marketing your expertise. Instead of an "All About My Services" brochure, make your marketing piece a mini-reference guide for brides with your contact information prominently featured.

To get them into the hands of your prospective clients, contact businesses that would likely be in contact with brides-to-be early in the planning process. That's when they would be in the market for a wedding consultant.

Stores with bridal registries and shops that sell bridal gowns are two main sources.

Find out who the other wedding consultants are in your area. They may be your competition, but they can also be a source of referrals.

If they have a scheduling conflict, such as another wedding on the same day, they might welcome having someone to whom they could refer a client.

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